I am a technology professional currently living in China with my wife. In the summer of 2007 my wife and I decided it was time for a change. We decided to uproot ourselves and move to the far east, taking up teaching English as a Foreign Language (a new career for me, she has been doing it for 25 years). It’s been a great challenge, opening a whole new range of skills and networking opportunities. We have also been traveling and meeting new people and making lots of new friends. In my day, we learned next to nothing about countries outside of the standard Western classical tradition, so coming to Asia and learning about this fascinating corner of the world firsthand has been an intellectual and life enriching experience. It helps that we are also eating lots of great food.

We have been living in China since the summer of 2008. Some friends of ours had already moved to the city of Wuhan and enthusiastically recommended it to us as a great destination for those with a taste for something different from the cookie cutter suburban American life. With the downturn in the US economy we decided to take a break from the race and see what Asia had to offer for adventure and took them up on their suggestion. You can read about our journey at S and W Fine Froods.

Professionally, I started working with technology in the fall of 1999, just in time for Y2K. I am an experienced Windows network administrator. I am especially fascinated by information security and the failure modes of the technical solutions we take for granted every day. With my career change to EFL teacher I have learned how to connect with students across a language and culture gap, the beauty inherent in all languages (including my native language, English), and the importance of continuing to develop skills and abilities well into a time of life many are settling down into a more static career path. I also continue to maintain my technical proficiency. Although not in the trenches of the day-to-day corporate computer network battleground, I pursue my technical education by following the industry closely.

My wife and I are both native Californians. Asian-American by birth, I grew up in a predominately white suburb with all the attendant baggage that brings. Living in Asia has been a new and life-changing experience giving me insights into cultural influences and thought-patterns I didn’t even know I had. I continue to be inspired and challenged by this phase my life and look forward to what is in the next chapter of my story.